SSAN MMA Boxing Free Standing Punching Bag Speed Ball Adjustable Height Fitness Red 120cm

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Punch the Day’s Stresses Away & Train Yourself into a Better Version of You! Being very passionate about fitness ourselves - we understand the commitment and dedication that goes into maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying in shape with daily workouts even when you don’t have time to hit the gym. We also understand the importance of blowing off some steam and working out your frustrations safely after a long and stressful day. That’s why we designed the ideal training buddy you can set up anywhere you desire and punch your way into better shape and stress relief!

PERFECT FOR PROFESSIONALS AND AMATEURS! SSAN Free Standing Speed Ball has been specifically designed to withstand punches of extreme power constantly, making it perfect for heavy hitters and conditioning

SUPER HEAVY DUTYSSAN Free Standing Speed Ball   provides the user with a highly responsive experience, faster and/or harder hitters will experience faster and/or harder spring backs from the bag allowing you to build both speed, power and reaction speed

THE MOST STABLE FREE STANDING SPEEDBALL! SSAN Free Standing Speed Ball  features a weight chamber that you can fill with sand or rice and suction cups to ensure that the punch bag isn't sliding around or being knocked over easily like other free standing punch bags!

EXTREMELY DURABLE, MADE FROM THE HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL! SSAN Free Standing Speed Ball has been made from hard wearing rex leather and heavy duty steel to ensure long lasting durability and reliability!

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! All orders for our free standing punch bag will be backed by our 100% money back guarantee! If you aren't happy with our punch bag simply send us a message and we will arrange a replacement or a full refund!


  • Durable and stylish free standing punch speed ball.
  • Punching ball filled with heavy duty soft foam.
  • Free standing adjustable speed bag with strong empty base. The base can be filled in with water or sand.
  • Helpful in improving upper body strength, hand speed and Cardio Vascular Exercise, Punching Power, coordination and performance.
  • High Quality tubular Steel  with spring near the base for extra flexibility.
  • Ideal for high, low kicking & punching and muscle building.
  • Can be use anywhere Home/Gym/etc.