Weight Plates Set Vinyl 1inch Standard Gym Lifting Barbell 2.5KG l 5KG l 7.5KG l 10KG l 15KG

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1" Standard Weight Plates are an effective form of free weights for use as part of your strength training. Used with a Standard Barbell, you can perform a huge range of exercises to target different muscle groups. With weight discs available from sizes 2.5kg up to 15kg, Standard Weights are recommended for all users, catering to all abilities and strengths. There are various types of weight plates to suit your preferences. Standard Iron Weights are made of cast iron and are extremely durable. Featuring a handy easy pick up design, Standard Vinyl Weight Plates, which feature a hard plastic surface, have the same benefit. The weight plates are ideal for the bench press, trunk rotation, side bend, high pull, barbell row, biceps curl, triceps extension, reverse fly, dead-lift, shrug, squat, lunge and calf raise, to target all of the major muscle

groups in the body.

• CHOOSE WEIGHTS | total of 2.5KG, 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg,& 15kg, sets. PLEASE NOTE that 2.5kg are in quantity of 4 and the rest are in pairs.

• DESIGNED TO LAST FOR YEARS | These vinyl plates are constructed to reduces plate rattle, stable especially on lifting bars, versatile when it comes to the number of exercises you can do, and made of high-quality finish for great looks. An awesome choice for your own home or gym exercises indeed.

• A PERFECT EXERCISE GIFT | We all have that friend or family member that loves to stay fit and healthy, right? Then why hold back giving them such useful piece of exercise equipment to help them stay in shape? They will surely love it, and you can use one yourself.

• PRIORITY TARGET | Affordable and Quality are the best we offer! So don't doubt yourself, be brave, be healthy, and be an improvement to yourself.

Our Vinyl Weight Plates offer features and benefits

• Home or commercial use

• Safe, durable, and easy to use

• Reinforced center sleeve for easy loading

• Clearance hole for use on Standard 1" hole bars

• These plates have great durability in high traffic gyms

• Excellent for developing body muscle, balance, and coordination

• High-quality finish for great looks, designed to last for years to come


• 2.5kg x 4 (10kg)

• 5kg x 2 (10kg)

• 7.5kg x 2 (15kg)

• 10kg x 2 (20kg)

• 15kg x 2 (30kg)


• Color Green, 2.5kg  Hole diameter:3CM/1 Inches

• Color Red,  5kg Hole diameter       : 3CM/1 Inches

• Color Yellow, 7.5kg Hole diameter : 3CM/1 Inches

• Color Blue, 10kg Hole diameter     : 3CM/1 Inches

• Color Purple, 15kg Hole diameter : 3CM/1 Inches


The product is only Vinyl Weight plates, no other accessories (rods, bolts, etc.)

Please Note:

The package is only include the Vinyl Weight plates, not include other accessories (rods, bolts, etc.)