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Your arms are usually the first thing people notice about you when assessing your fitness. At the gym, it is the area most likely to be on display, and in the summer, long, toned limbs look extra attractive with a sun tan. As we age, however, the arms are prone to falling victim to gravity, becoming saggy if we don't maintain our upper body strength.Many people turn to dumbbells or exercises such as push-ups to tone their arms, but if you really want to see a difference in your physical appearance and overall strength, then you should invest in a pull-up wall bracket. This offers one of the toughest work-outs for the arms and the rest of the upper body, with one of the biggest pay-offs.



  • PUMP UP YOUR ARMS: One of the best workouts for upper body strength, this simple bracket will help you to tone and define your arms.
  • CHANGE IT UP: Work out all the different muscles in your arms by changing up your hand grip. Our bracket provides four different hand grip positions.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Bracket comes with full instructions and all fittings. It is easy to attach securely, giving you a permanent and convenient place to workout whenever you are available, without the fear of pulling it away from the wall.
  • GREAT RANGE OF MOVEMENT: Our super-wide bracket extends some way from the wall, giving you plenty of room to swing your legs if needed. You could also use it to attach an ab strap or body weight trainer for a full body workout.
  •  HIGH QUALITY ENGINEERING: Crafted from strong, reliable and durable steel, the bracket has been wrapped in soft foam at the handles for added comfort and grip during your exercise.
  • Please Note: Customers should always make sure for their Safety and Check if this Wall Bracket is Mounted accurately before use. Must be Mounted to a Wall.